Fig & Date Truffles (6x18g)

Fig & Date Truffles (6x18g)


Combine figs & dates (Centuries old fruits) and you create a natural sumptuous red berry flavour.

These are exceptionally moorish and 100% natural. We've complimented the truffle with mineral boosting goji berries, chia seeds, raw cocoa powder with subtle hints  light spices to indulge your mindful moment experience.

Handmade in small batches. Sustainable recycled packaging used.

Free From

Dairy - Gluten 

✅ Soy - Sulphur - Sugars

✅ Artificial Preservatives

✅ Ultra Processing


Dates (39.3%), Figs (39.3%), Coconut flakes (11.2%), Coconut oil (5.62%), Walnuts (5.2%)

Raw cocoa powder (4.5%)

Each 18g serving - 58.3kcal - Fat: 2.5g (Sat2g) - Carb:8.7g(Sug 8.3g) - Fibre: 1.4g - Protein: 0.8g