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Raw Hazelnut Chai Brownie


The rich Hazelnut Taste is accompanied by a faint chai tea aroma and the sweetness of medjool dates is perfectly balanced by a touch of sea salt. This light aromatic hazelnut brownie is an indulgence that deserves a mindful moment. It contains no dairy, gluten or soya whatsoever to fit your dietary needs.


Wrapped in sustainable packaging. Made in small batches with medjool dates, coconut oil, chai tea leaves, raw cocoa powder,vanilla, speciality seasalt, goji berries, chia seeds, hazelnuts.
Each 50g serving = Kcal: 167.2  F:6.7g (Sat:2.4g)  C:29.3g (Sug:21.8g)  P:2.9g

  • Plant-based ingredients suitable for Vegans.