Power Up Maca Energy Nut Balls (pack of 12)

Power Up Maca Energy Nut Balls (pack of 12)


Want to increase your stamina and strength?  Than a little dose of superfood Maca is your best booster. A potent mineral rich root that pairs well with our nutty chewy energy balls. Maca helps you balance your energy levels and managed your sweet craving lulls during the day. Each 16g ball is filled with 100% natural wholegrain ingredients, handmade in small batches and wrapped in compostable packaging.

Free From

✅ Dairy - Gluten                         

✅ Soy - Sulphur - Sugars          

✅ Artificial Preservatives           

✅ Ultra Processing 

Dried fruits(25.2%),Dates(10.6%),Puffed Rice(6.9%),Sesame seeds(6.9%), 6.9% Sunflower seeds(6.69%),Coconut dried(6.63%),Hazelnuts(5.97%),Brazil nuts (5.97%), Cashew nuts (5.31%)                 

Each 16g ball = 72.6kcal

F:5.2g (Sat:1.3g) - Fibre:1.2g

C:5.4g (Sug:3.0g) - P:1.8g