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Zesty Hemp Seed Oat Bar (1x 50g)


Lemon zest gives these dense oat bars an intensely refreshing and zingy taste. The added Mountain Pepper has anti-inflammatory benefits and the hemp seeds will aid you in reaching that daily Protein intake. Enjoy and Energize!


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One  individually wrapped bar in sustainable packaging. Made in small batches with oats, medjool dates, coconut flakes, carob powder, hemp protein powder, lemon zest, goji berries, hulled hempseeds, chia seeds, sea-salt, a hint mountain black pepper, coconut oil. 
Each 50g serving = 210 kcal - F:9.7g (Sat:7.5g) C:28.4g (Sug:15.4g)  P:5.2g

  • Plant-based ingredients suitable for Vegans.